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Heaven Officials Blessing Flower Pavilion Collection Card

Heaven Officials Blessing Flower Pavilion Collection Card

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  • The theme of the Flowering Water Pavilion, with exquisite character portraits, restores the five facial features of the characters. The colorful flowers serve as the background, and the two of them snuggle together. Does it restore the scene of the novel in your mind?
  • 3D depth of field card with rich patterns and three-dimensional grating technology, packaged in paper envelopes, exudes a strong sense of ceremony. The collection ticket is partially hollowed out, with a silver printed design, classic and exquisite, and two sets for sale. The badge adopts brushed double flashing, with a strong physical texture. Hot gold paper with Kirschner printing, the pattern is clear and full of texture. The card holder set includes 4 PVC stickers, 1 sticker of the same type, 1 transparent acrylic card holder, and 1 set of hanging rope (including an acrylic pendant), and the cardholder comes with a hand rope for easy carrying.
  • Brand name: NAN MAN SHE

Material and size

  • Materials: PVC, acrylic, paper.
  • Size: 
    • 3D depth of field card: 18.5×10 cm / 7.3×3.9 inches;
    • Collection ticket set: 6.5×18 cm / 2.6×7.1 inches;
    • Badge combination: diameter 5.8 cm/2.3 inches;
    • Hot gold paper: 26×15 cm / 10.2×5.9 inches;
    • Card sleeve and card set: 6.5×11 cm / 2.6×4.3 inches.
  • Processing time:  It's a pre-order, 15 days, then shipping. 
  • Product code: TOY-ACC-545
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