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Changed Puro Plush Squeaky Ball

Changed Puro Plush Squeaky Ball

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  • DragonSnow's team designed this perfect and furry Puro plush squeaky ball to reward the fans' love for the game Changed. There are built-in whistles in the body and tail of this little Puro ball, and when you pinch him, he makes a cute squeak sound. It is funny and stress-relieving.
  • Its adorable face and soft body make it a perfect decoration for your backpack, school bag or key; we also can hang it in our bedroom or car. This cute puro plush will be our best friend and will stay with us forever.
  • Materials: Pear velvet+PP cotton+plastic(built-in whistle).
  • Size: The diameter is 8.5 cm/3.3 inches.
  • Processing Time: 7-10 days, then shipping.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Vulpes (Hillerød, DK)
A lovely little Purorb

I love this little guy idk how it's possible but they somehow made puro even more cute then he allready was I love it.

Da Bean (Keyes, US)
Puro and orb

The quality of the characters are very well done I really enjoyed how they turned out and it was worth the wait. Thank you for your amazing skills!

Bryan Reyes (Dallas, US)
Absolutely Fantastic

One of the gifts my bf sent me and I’ve been in love with it. I have to thank him for this!

Zarren Louangphasy (Vancouver, US)
Best purorb

Firmly grasp it

Charem (Thunder Bay, CA)
A very good smol squeaky boi.

(Note: Product received for free. This does not influence my review.)

I'm not entirely sure whose idea it was to make a hand-held, compact Puro ball with two squeaky-beans in it, but I am rather glad they came up with it. This little plushie is simply adorable, small but not too small, and with two squeaky bits inside - one in the main body and one in the tail. For mine, the squeakers both make a slightly different noise too, which adds to the sound variety. :)

It is worth pointing out that this would likely not make a good doggy chew toy, as it is a soft plushie material and would likely get torn up very easily, unless your dog is very gentle with toys. This is more specifically a human squeaky toy, of which there should always be more of.

I also appreciate that, for as simple as it is, the plushie still has little paw-beans sown into its feet. :)

The only thing I would caution is that this thing is quite small, so the $18.99 USD price tag can be a little pricey, at least in comparison to the full-size Puro plush which is much larger and more detailed for less than double that price. Then again, the full-size Puro plush doesn't have squeaky beans, so your mileage may vary.

If you're interested in completing a collection of Changed goods or don't mind spending the price for a smol squeaky bean of cuteness though, I would recommend the purchase. :)

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Changed game developer @DragonSnow

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