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Changed Cute Tiger Shark Plush Toy
ANGPAO TH (Phitsanulok, TH)

Thank you i like this plushies but Delivery to thailand 2 month;-;

Changed Cute Tiger Shark Plush Toy
Antonio J. (Orlando, US)
Based Tiger Shark

I love this little guy! Very adorable and very awesome plush of the Tiger Shark! Amazing purchase and he even looks cuter in the sweater! I hope the Puro plush I'm waiting for turns out as good as this adorable dude.

Changed Cute Tiger Shark Plush Toy
PurzckaVulck205 (Lipa City, PH)
Tooger shooork-

The ploosh is overall very well made as the quality and packaging is impressive, absolutely appreciated the bonus items that came with it- as also the service within the pre-order to the shipping phase is also fantastic. Really cherished this tiger-shark ploosh as its absolutely worth it-


•I love the cute art style of this keychain. Its good quality and about the size I had expected. It was packaged nicely with my shark plush and the Christmas goodies I recieved, and I want to again thank support for responding quickly when I asked about the delays and I'm very happy with the product :]
(Btw, for anyone looking to the image for any size comparisons or anything, my hands are small and doesn't really well reflect the size of the keychain)

He's such a big squishy soft boy!

•I absolutely love him. He's way bigger than I thought he'd be and he also came with some Christmas goodies (thank you btw :])! He was packaged very well and looks just as advertised, now he is hanging out with his new friend.

Support was very nice when I asked about delays and when to expect his arrival and I appreciated the swift update :]

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Hollis Root (Pittsfield, US)
Amazing Quality!

Came two days after the shipping completed! Super fast and amazing, I bought two of them and one made the perfect gift for my family friends changedmas!

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Derek L (Centro, MX)
Poor puro

Poor puro, but is cute anyways

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
PurzckaVulck205 (Bacoor, PH)
110% Floof certified

The absolutely quality was outstanding, the packaging was decent and overall it was an amazing cause- Finally I have miniature floof by the side-

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Mikołaj Gajdek (Krakow, PL)
Puro plush

The plush is pretty great overall but the mask is a bit off his eyes look a bit more narrow and aggressive unlike in the preview images and that bothers me a little bit when the price for a plushie is so high but it's probably just the specific one I got that has the issue and not most of them

Changed Cute Tiger Shark Plush Toy
Caleb (Hackensack, US)
Cute AND Fluffy!

I honestly really like how it turned out, it’s a nice addition to my plushie collection. Despite the fact that it’s head is a bit wobbly and often falls over, I still enjoy it! Also, thanks for the extra little Christmas pendant that came with it!

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
TunaDog (Portland, US)


Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Customer (Ballston Spa, US)
My precious floofy bean boy

The big fluffy dog is very soft. He fits the sans jacket well. I want to find him little shoes. The mask is a bit off center, but definitely better than some of the others I've seen. Overall, 10/10 Puro plush

Finally with me

After 12 days of waiting, yesterday, they finally arrived, I love them, they are in good conditions :)

Almost perfect!

Came super fast they're both so cute even tho hua cheng loses some of his hair (like some little black dots everywhere) the hat had glue also everywhere but it was easy to remove and didnt leave anything on! Dolls are a perfect! Got both of them at the same time and SUPER fast (with the 15-25days one china-france i received them in 10 days it was a great surprise 😄) Hua cheng's box was perfect no damage but xie lian had a hole and some lil holes under but i think it's my fault from opening it too fast lol! Got a super cute lil christmas bear as a gift and a kind message🥰 Thanks for the quality it really equals to the price (if not worth more!) Took me some time to figure out how to dress them but i finally got it! Thank you 42shop and mini doll for this 💗

Umn. Little Guy Of All Time.

It’s cute 🥺. Precisely as pictured and arrived in good time 👍

perfectly cute tiger shark!!

after my great (but very long) experience ordering a puro plush i decided to buy myself a tiger shark too. a lot has improved!!! while my puro plush took about 3 months to arrive this baby came in exactly 2 weeks!! not only that, a very cute changed card accompanied my plush :3 the only thing thats a bit disappointing is that its not as stable as puro and is hard to keep upright. its easy to forgive that as its very cute! ill make sure to give him lots of apple juice

Purchase of Hua Cheng Plush Doll

Doll arrived in excellent condition with all the accessories neatly packed :) many thanks for the prompt delivery n having the doll arriving at the destination without any damage.

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
E.A. (Brasília, BR)
Great quality

The quality was amazing! The box was a little bit damaged but it was okay.

This was my first time ordering from 42shops, and I’m extremely happy with my purchase! I ordered the in-stock of the Xie Lian Minidoll, and my order arrived within the expected time frame. All items as specified in the item description were included, and the box + contents arrived undamaged. I can confirm the doll is authentic and very cute in real life! If you’ve been dreaming of owning a Xie Lian doll as I did, I highly recommend 42shops as they have proven to be very reliable and friendly. ❤️

Super soft! 超级软!

larger than expected & super soft fabric!
Yes the head is a little wobbly and there were a few loose threads, but other than that, Tiger Shark is an amazingly good boi!
Best purchase ever!

Sorry if the translation is not good. I am using Google Translate, which is not always reliable.
对不起,如果翻译不好。 我正在使用谷歌翻译,这并不总是可靠的。

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Anonymous (Trappes, FR)
Really cute

Puro is really soft and cute. So nice to hug :3

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
J.G. (Houston, US)
I love it!

so I had some tracking issues , but luckily it was delivered at the office and I was able to pick it up and received it but it was the best $33 I spent :D

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
T.V. (Aransas Pass, US)
🤘Metalhead Puro🤘

I absolutely love him! I was really surprised how quickly he came and how small the box he came in was. I was amazed by how well made he was and the very high quality material he’s made out of. So happy to finally have him and now I can blast metal music and play guitar with my bro.

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Faolan J. (Birkenhead, GB)
Weezer puro

What’s with these homies dissin my girl? Why do they gotta front? What did we ever do to these guys that made them so violent? Woohoo

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Anonymous (Amersfoort, NL)
I really like him!

He is very cute