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Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Anonymous (Bolton, GB)
Manufacturing error

I got both the tiger shark plushie and the puro plushie, both are high quality however the puro plushy has a wonky eye

Dear Dominic, We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced with your Puro plushie. After verifying with the Changed team, we understand the issue of the misaligned eyes. This discrepancy can occur due to the plush toys being compressed to varying degrees during shipping from the manufacturer to our warehouse, affecting Puro's eye alignment.

To rectify this, please gently press down on both eyes with your thumb and push or compress in the opposite direction. This method should help realign Puro's eyes to their intended position.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience. If you have any further concerns or require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


I love this manhua, and vol 4 is no different. Stunning art and great quality! I'm a big fan of the new binding, making it easier to flip through and getting a full look at the pages. I also love the extras that comes with it. It's always exciting to see what kind of extras each volume comes with (I avoid checking that beforehand, so I can get surprised when I open it lol) 🥰

Dear theresa,

Thank you for your kind words and for being a fan of 'Heaven Official's Blessing' manhua! We're glad to hear that you appreciate the stunning art and quality of vol 4. We also love the new binding and extras included in each volume. We hope you continue to enjoy the series.

Love him so much !

I'm so happy, my Xie Lian finally has Hua Cheng by his side :') The quality is so good and his accessories are amazing! Would definitely recommend him (and XL) to any TGCF fan, just the cutest little dolls with amazing quality!

Hi theresa! Thank you for your wonderful review! We're delighted to hear that you love the Hua Cheng plush and that he's now accompanying your Xie Lian. We take pride in the quality of our products and we're glad you appreciate the attention to detail in his accessories. Thank you for recommending him (and XL) to other TGCF fans, we hope you continue to enjoy your adorable dolls. Have a great day!

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
kartoffel_king (Leipzig, DE)

I waited about 3 weeks for him to arrive but it was today worth the wait he is so cute and bigger than I tought. And he is super fluffy, I can just recomend to buy him it's super worth it

Hi kartoffel_king,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review for our Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy! We are ecstatic to hear that you love your new plush and that it was worth the wait. We strive to provide our customers with the best quality products and we are thrilled that you find him cute and bigger than expected. We hope you enjoy cuddling with him for many years to come! Thank you for recommending him and for your support. Have a great day!

Love it!

Hua CHeng plushie I ordered came in perfect condition, he has so many lovely details! I also got a cute freebie <3 I definitely will order again from this store! :D

Thank you, Maria, for your wonderful review! We're so glad you love the Hua Cheng plushie and the little extra surprise. Looking forward to your next visit to our store!

I love it!

Absolutely love the art book! Unfortunately I was missing one item and looked through the entire box and book to see if it was there but it wasn't! I reached out to customer service and they were extremely kind and helpful! So I will be receiving the missing item when my other pre order arrives! I will definitely be buying from here again! Thank You 42shops support team! 10/10 🩷 Everything else came exactly as described and shipping was fast!

Yona, thank you for sharing your experience! We're delighted you love the art book and are sorry for the oversight with the missing item. It's great to hear our support team was able to resolve this for you. We look forward to serving you again soon!

TGCF Xie Lian Hua Cheng Thousand Lanterns Reflecting Que Figures
yona (Edison, US)

it arrived super quickly! The figure is so cute and adorable! Unfortunately because the base was defective, it was lifted at the base! My dad had bought crazy glue and closed the gap on the base eventually! Although now the base is kinda curved and weird but I hid it with some thumbtack! Customer service was 10/10 they were very helpful and kind! I added a before an after photo! either way Im very happy with the figure and just glad the Xie Lian and Hua Cheng figures are ok!🫶

Thank you for your review, Yona! We're glad the figures brought joy, and we apologize for the issue with the base. It's great to hear our customer service team could assist you. We appreciate your understanding and creativity in fixing it!

Heaven Official's Blessing Xie Lian Plush Toy
Kimberly Ventura (Houston, US)
The best

I loved it it’s so cute.It came with a little extra which I loved ,honestly came super fast I thought it would take longer but it was a big surprise.😭❤️

Dear Kimberly,

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We're overjoyed to hear that the Heaven Official's Blessing Xie Lian Plush Toy not only met but exceeded your expectations. It's fantastic to know that the little extra was a pleasant surprise and that the speedy delivery added to your positive experience.

Your happiness and satisfaction are what we strive for, and your feedback is truly appreciated. We're glad to have been able to bring a bit of joy into your life with our plush toy.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to surprising you with more delightful products in the future!


I love it!! It's sooo cute and big, better than I thought :) The print is super clear and the fabric is very soft too

Dear REN,

We're thrilled to hear that your new Changed Dr K Life-size Body Pillow Cover has exceeded your expectations! It's wonderful to know that both the size and quality have brought you joy, with its clear print and soft fabric.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and hearing feedback like yours makes our day. Thank you for sharing your love for Dr. K, and we hope it continues to bring you comfort and happiness.

Looking forward to bringing more delightful products your way!

The prettiest prince in all of Xianle 😭

It’s amazing and so intricate, the clothes are a bit tight but they fit fine and I love it so much

Dear Eden,

Thank you for your kind words about the TGCF Xie Lian Prince Yue Shen Plush Doll Clothes. We're absolutely delighted to hear that you find it to be the prettiest prince in Xianle! Your appreciation for the intricate details of the outfit means a lot to us.

We're glad to know that despite the snug fit, you love it. Your feedback is valuable and helps us continue to improve our products. We hope this prince continues to bring you joy and adds a special touch to your collection.

Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to delighting you with more beautiful creations in the future!

Changed Cute Tiger Shark Plush Toy
Customer (Dnipro, UA)
very comfortable and useful plush

i ordered plushie 22-th November, and it comes 15-th January. Plush is so nice, so comfortable in bed for hugs and nice stand for phone and headphones!
Yeah delivery little long but I just close eyes for it! I recommend to all furry/changed fan guys!
P.s. Thanks for starting delivery to Ukraine <3

Thank you for your lovely review of the Changed Cute Tiger Shark Plush Toy! We're delighted to hear that it has become a comfortable and useful companion for you. It's great to know that it serves well for hugs and as a stand for your phone and headphones.

We appreciate your understanding regarding the delivery time and are grateful for your recommendation to the furry/changed community.

Also, we're thrilled to be able to start delivering to Ukraine and are glad this has positively impacted you. Thank you for your support and the love you've shown for our product. We look forward to serving you again!

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Anonymous (Marbella, ES)

It's very cute and soft, it was worth paying for this and thanking Dragonsnow and 42shops for this :3

Dear Juan Manuel,

We are absolutely thrilled to hear that the Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy has brought you such joy! It's wonderful to know that its cuteness and softness have met your expectations. Thank you for acknowledging Dragonsnow and 42shops - we are proud to collaborate in bringing such delightful products to our customers.

Your enthusiastic feedback is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with products that make your day!

Heaven Official's Blessing Xie Lian Plush Toy
daya sanchez (Round Rock, US)
hes so cute I love him🥺

he came very quickly and safely in the mail and I am so happy with him!! even my dog likes him! I will take him everywhere so he can go on adventures 💗 I did have some issues placing my order at first but after some emails with the very helpful and patient support team I was able to place my order, thank you so much!! I will definitely order hua cheng in the future from here 💗

Dear Daya,

Thank you for your heartwarming review of the Heaven Official's Blessing Xie Lian Plush Toy! We're absolutely delighted to know that both you and your dog have taken a liking to him. It's wonderful to hear that he's ready for adventures with you.

We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced while placing your order but are glad that our support team could assist you efficiently. Your patience and understanding mean a lot to us.

We can't wait to provide Hua Cheng for your next plush adventure! Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to your future orders.

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Camilo Uessugui (Guarulhos, BR)
it's very big and cute

ele chegou em perfeita qualidade, é maior do que eu esperava, e isso é ótimo. ganhei duas cartas e um coelhinho prateado, valeu!(It arrived in perfect quality, it's bigger than I expected, and that's great. I got two cards and a silver bunny, thanks!)

Dear Camilo,

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear that the Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy exceeded your expectations in size and quality. Enjoy your new plush friend along with the cards and silver bunny! We appreciate your feedback and look forward to serving you again.

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Anonymous (Royal Leamington Spa, GB)

very cool, very cuddly

Dear Luke Johnson,

Thank you for your concise and wonderful review of the Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy. We're thrilled to hear that you find it cool and cuddly! It's always our goal to create products that are not only appealing but also provide comfort and joy. We appreciate your feedback and are glad that Puro has found a happy place with you.


Honestly it’s the most adorable thing in the whole world, I’m spoiling my Xie Lian doll and pampering him like I’m Mu Qing or something, I love the costume it’s got so many details like all the tassels and it’s just amazing on him🥺❤️

Dear Eden Lietzke,

We are absolutely delighted to hear about your love for the Heaven Official's Blessing Xie Lian Wedding Clothes. It's wonderful to know that the attention to detail and the tassels have caught your eye and that you're enjoying pampering your Xie Lian doll. Your enthusiasm and comparison to Mu Qing's pampering is heartwarming! We take great pride in the craftsmanship of our products, and it's feedback like yours that truly makes our day. Thank you for sharing your experience, and we hope to continue bringing you products that you'll adore.

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Joey D'Epiro (Clermont, US)
No Regerts. Worth all the monies!

Words cannot even begin to describe how much i love this plush. He's so adorable and i just want to keep giving it hugs and head pats. the plush does have a small error though a replacement is on it's way after notifying 42shops about the error but for now he's everything to me. I gave him a kid cuisine shirt and a bottle of mtn dew pitch black which he promptly drank the entire thing

Dear Joey D'Epiro,

We are overjoyed to hear how much you adore your Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy! It's wonderful to know that it has become such a cherished companion for you. We're sorry about the small error, but we're glad to hear that a replacement is already on its way. Your creative touch with the kid cuisine shirt and Mtn Dew Pitch Black adds a delightful personal touch. Thank you for sharing this with us, and for your understanding and support. We hope Puro continues to bring you endless joy and hugs!

Worth the wait

Took almost a month after ordering to ship. I knew that that would happen. It then got stuck in a mail loop for 9 days. (Not store’s fault so I am not pinning blame on it.) however I am happy with it and will cherish it. I love it. I have had a knockoff for over a year. I don’t plan on getting rid of it. It was with me through my surgery and it was my comfort buddy. Probably going to rename the he knock off to Shade because I feel safe in the shade. (Box looks like it contained a pipe bomb but it did not :)

Hello Isaac Wilson, thank you for your honest and heartfelt review of the Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy. We're glad to hear that despite the shipping adventures, you are happy and find comfort in your plush toy. It's touching to know it has been a supportive companion through your surgery. Your story about renaming the knockoff to 'Shade' is endearing. We appreciate your patience and understanding through the shipping process. Enjoy your cherished plush buddy!

Great !

Arrived in time in perfect condition. Thank you very much

Hello Daniel! We're delighted to hear that your Cute Red Sweater for Puro and Tiger Shark Plush arrived on time and in perfect condition. Your satisfaction is our priority. Enjoy dressing up your plushies and thank you for your kind words!

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Muhammad Harith (Subang Jaya, MY)
My Puro plush has arrived.

He came in today and he's in great quality and care, Mashallah.

Hello Muhammad Harith! We're so pleased to hear that your Puro plush has arrived in great quality and care. It's always our goal to deliver happiness and quality with every item. Enjoy your new cuddly companion and thank you for choosing our plush toy!

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Kako (Concepción, CL)
Puro looks... different...

I received my Puro! but... it's not the same! :(, I read in a review above that the same thing happened to someone, and I swear! I bought it in this store! but it's not the Puro in the image... what can I do? :(

Hi Kako, could you please tell us your order number on our store? As we have not searched your order information use your email address. We see the photos you have posted here, that ugly, shoddy doll is not even a product of our store.

Our store ensures that the physical products and the photos are consistent; we are committed to long-term business development. It appears that the product images you've seen, mostly from Amazon purchases, are actually our original photos used without permission. Some sellers on Amazon may use our images but deliver dolls that are significantly different and of inferior quality. We sincerely invite you to purchase the authentic Puro dolls and support the original Puro. Protecting the genuine product ensures quality and satisfaction. Thanks so much for your kind understanding.


Got this as a Christmas gift for myself and I couldn't have been more excited! The book itself was a gorgeous blood red much like HuaChengs attire and the cover for it was as pure as Xie Lian!!! Everything was pristine and I was lowkey scared of leaving it outside of the package itself because I wanted to maintain its beauty and not taint it. Would absolutely recommend this for any TGCF lover!!! Also the posters omg I had to hang them up the moment I saw them BECAUSE AHHHH I COULDNT STOP SCREAMING FROM HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY WERE. If you purchase this product, you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Hello Hiya_Viminnies! Your excitement and love for the Sisyphe Limited Edition-TGCF Art Book Yi Hua Yi Jian are truly heartwarming! We're so glad it made for an exciting Christmas gift and that its beauty and quality exceeded your expectations. It's wonderful to hear that you found the blood red cover and pristine condition so appealing, and that the posters made a fantastic addition to your space. Thank you for the high praise and for recommending it to other TGCF fans. Enjoy every moment of diving into its beauty and preserving its elegance!

I love it so much 10/10

I got this exact from a friend for Christmas and the plush came with all its parts and accessories and it looks amazing i love it so much and i cant wait to display it!

Hello there, Xie Lian's biggest fan! We're thrilled to hear that you love your plush toy and that it arrived with all its parts and accessories, looking amazing. It's wonderful to know it was a perfect Christmas gift from a friend and that you're excited to display it. We hope it brings you joy every day! Thank you for the 10/10 review!

Xie Lian Plushie ❤️

It was in perfect quality when it got here, and it even got to me earlier than expected. Overall very satisfied!!

Hi Zoe! We're absolutely delighted to hear that your Xie Lian plushie arrived in perfect quality and even earlier than expected! Your satisfaction is our top priority, and it's fantastic to know we hit the mark for you. Thank you for choosing us and enjoy your plushie! ❤️

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
J.FRO (Hialeah, US)
This plush has magical powers

Like dude look at him he is literally Parappa The Rapper, but overall he is so cute and recommend buying him :)))

Thank you for your fantastic review, J.FRO! We're over the moon to hear that our Puro plush toy brings such magic and joy to your life! It's great to see him compared to Parappa the Rapper - what a compliment! Your recommendation means the world to us. Keep enjoying that cuteness!