Join Our Affiliate Program

Welcome to our affiliate marketing program! At 42shops, we are excited to offer you two options for joining our affiliate marketing program: Shopify Collabs and ShareASale. Both options offer unique benefits and opportunities to earn commissions through promoting our products.

Shopify Collabs:

Shopify Collabs is perfect for some discount coupon sites, KOLs, and anyone interested in joining our affiliate marketing program. The application process is simple and easy to follow. To get started, simply visit our Shopify Collabs page and fill out the application form. Once approved, you will receive a unique affiliate link and coupon code to share with your audience. For every sale that is made through your link or coupon code, you will earn a commission.


ShareASale is a great option for affiliates looking for a more advanced affiliate marketing platform. With ShareASale, you can track your clicks and commissions in real-time, access a wide range of creative banners and product links to promote our products, and receive support from a dedicated affiliate management team. To join our ShareASale affiliate program here, simply visit the ShareASale website and search for our program using our Merchant ID-139320.

Whether you choose Shopify Collabs or ShareASale, we are committed to helping you succeed as an affiliate marketer. Join our affiliate marketing program today and start earning commissions by promoting our products to your audience!