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MDZS Wei Wuxain Lan Wangji Summer Moonlight Figurine

MDZS Wei Wuxain Lan Wangji Summer Moonlight Figurine

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  • MDZS Wei Wuxain Lan Wangji Summer Moon Series figure ornaments. Each has a corresponding line of poetry.
  • The moral heart is clear, and the right and wrong are in oneself; the son of heaven smiles and ruins the reputation of others; this is Wei Wuxain.
  • Elegant and square orchid room to avoid dust, shining the world like a pearl cold spring forgetting the machine, of course, Lan Wangji.
  • Gold inlaid with jade years of age as a dream, Ling arrow stubbornly proud teenager like Lan, said Jin Ling.
  • The three poisons are suitable to cut greed, anger, and foolishness, wielding purple electricity to eliminate evil spirits, said Jiang Cheng.
  • Through life and death, genuine goodness is as good as ever, keeping the promise of the original heart; this is about Wen Ning.
  • Looking and smiling shallow Gusu's new talent, the handsome and elegant Yiling older man is Lan Sizhui.
  • Proficient in the six arts gain and loss of casual, and then repair the tricky way Yiling Chen, this is Yi Linglaozu.
  • Green mountain crane shadow together forgets machine, Zhan Yue Zhu string to avoid arrogant dust, this is naturally He Minghanguang.
  • A small character ornament contains a great depth of meaning, which is not only the characters in the anime but also every real us in life!
  • Brand name: Qing Cang

What components are included?

  • Content contains the corresponding character ornaments.

Plushie Material and Size

  • Material: PVC+ABS. 
  • Size: 6-7 cm/2.3-2.7 inches.
  • Processing time: 3-7 days, then shipping. 
  • Product code: TOY-ACC-182
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