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2Ha Mo Ran Chu Wanning Plush Doll 20cm

2Ha Mo Ran Chu Wanning Plush Doll 20cm

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Brand name: omodoki
  • They are official authorization 20 cm plush dolls from The Husky and His White Cat Shizun.  One is Chu Wanning and another is Mo Ran, they are very cute.
  • On the basis of loyal to the original characters, using clever and lively expression design. The embroidery work is very fine, clothes and accessories are made of the best materials, elegant and expensive.   
  • The price contains: Chu Wanning includes: Plush doll, crown, outer coat , medium coat , shirt, bottom skirt, belt and boots. Mo Ran includes Plush doll, crown, outer coat , medium coat , shirt, bottom skirt, belt and boots.
  • Materials: High quality fabric+PP cotton.
  • Size: 20 cm/7.9 inches.
  • Processing Time: 2 months, then shipping.

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Unboxing Video of 2Ha Chu Wanning Mo Ran Dolls

2Ha Mo Ran Chu Wanning Plush Dolls

Welcome to our 2Ha plush collection! Our Mo Ran and Chu Wanning... 

We are thrilled to have collaborated with Kictor, she is talented and knowledgeable influencer who is passionate about 2Ha characters. Her expertise and enthusiasm truly shine through in this video, and we highly recommend checking out her channel for more content related to these beloved novels!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Abbey B (Boston, US)
The Cutest Mo Ran Ever!

The item is perfect! It arrived earlier than expected and is in excellent condition. The quality of the clothes is super detailed and it's pretty straightforward to put them on. I also really appreciate the additional gift given with the product. I'm eager to shop from 42shops again.

Keighly (Beaverton, US)
Cute dolls! <3 Ranwan

Authentic, well-made Omodoki dolls. The quality can be seen in the meticulous attention to detail in their outfits. The outfits are made from different textured fabrics - cotton, chiffon, and there are multiple layers to give the billowing effect. TXJ’s outfit has a golden dragon glitter design, while CWN’s has some sort of blue floral pattern printed on it. The belts have leather components and are inlaid with alloy and gems. I can’t get over their head pieces: CWN has a silver alloy crown while TXJ has his emperor’s headpiece with swaying golden beads. The ears are also detachable.

Shipping: I chose the 10-15 day shipping option. Ordered 1/26, items were shipped 2/6 and they were shipped from China to West Coast, USA in 12 days. No problem with items on arrival, boxes were well packaged, and the dolls made it safely to their forever home.

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