Transform Your Network into Net Worth: Join Our Savings Alliance Today!

Introduction: Embrace the Power of Community

  • Our Mission: We are fostering a community of influencers and fans focused on promoting quality products, saving money, and sharing benefits. As an alliance, we empower our members to convert their influence into an income stream.
  • The Power of Our Marketing Alliance: The strength of our alliance lies in the triad of sharing, saving, and earning. As an alliance member, you introduce our products to your audience, your fans save on every purchase, and you earn from each sale.

How It Works: Share, Save, Earn

  • Sign up for a free affiliate account 
  • Upon approval, you will receive your exclusive alliance link and discount code.
  • Affiliate promotes by the exclusive alliance link or discount code on social platforms.
  • Potential customer clicks on the posts.
  • Customer orders at
  • Affiliate receives commissions.



    • You will earn 3% to 5% commission. We determine the commission tier based on the number of followers and the level of engagement on the applicant's social media accounts.
    • The commission is calculated on a per-order basis, with each order receiving the flat rate commission.
    • Commission payments are made on the 5th of each month.
    • Supported payment methods include PayPal and bank transfer.
    Gift card
    • For influencers with over 30K followers on a single social platform and an average engagement rate higher than 3%, we offer a gift card valued at $100.
    • This gift card can be used to order any items worth $100 in our store.


    • For Hot series: 6% off for each order.
    • For Regular animal plush toys: 20% off for each order.
    • Prompt and considerate customer service and Live chat support.

      Embrace the power of your influence. Join our fan-powered savings network today. Transform your network into net worth. Let your fans save and grow your income from each sale. This is a revolution in marketing, and we're excited to have you on board.