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Battle Through the Heavens Xiao Xuan Er Series 925 Silver Jewelry

Battle Through the Heavens Xiao Xuan Er Series 925 Silver Jewelry

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  • Xiao Xun Er's impression bracelet extracted Xiao Xun Er's headdress as the main design, plus the combination of flower petals in front of the clothes, such as the pavilion of the young girl is generally lively, girls wear this bracelet can add a girl's gentle charm.
  • Xiao Xun Er's impression ring extracts the elements of Xiao Xun Er's costume with the flower and other elements on her wrist to show her lightness and spirit. Girls look more gentle and lovely in it.
  • Xiao Xuan Er's double-wing earrings (double-wing) are designed in left and right shaped, one side is designed with its clothes body with zirconium diamonds, and the other side is designed with flowers and zirconium diamond elements, the style is new and unique, girls wear it more personality trendy.
  • Xiao Xuan Er's earrings (single) extracted Xiao Xuan Er wearing earrings for design inspiration, earrings on the diamond embellished with Xiao Xuan Er impression of the color, girls wearing it more fresh, jumping and dynamic temperament.
  • The Xiao Xun Er series of jewelry is made of 925 silver, zirconium diamonds, and Swarovski crystals, the texture is excellent and comfortable to wear.
  • Brand name: Xingyunshi

Material and size

  • Materials: 
    • Xiao Xun Er's impression bracelet: High-quality 925 silver+ zirconium diamonds.
    • Xiao Xun Er's impression ring: High-quality 925 silver+ zirconium diamonds.
    • Xiao Xuan Er's double wing earrings (double-wing): High-quality 925 silver+ zirconium diamonds.
    • Xiao Xuan Er's earrings (single): 925 silver+ Swarovski crystals+ beads.
  • Size:  
    • Xiao Xun Er's impression bracelet: Full chain length is about 22 cm/ 8.7 inches.
    • Xiao Xun Er's impression ring: Adjustable range of approx. 5 cm/ 2 inches-5.7 cm/ 2.2 inches.
    • Xiao Xuan Er's double-wing earrings (double-wing): 4.9 cm/ 1.9 inches for both left and right.
    • Xiao Xuan Er's earrings (single): Height about 5.7 cm/ 2.2 inches.
  • Processing time:  7 days, then shipping. 
  • Product code: TOY-ACC-501
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