FAQ-Order Processing

Q1: How long after payment do you begin to process my order?
A1: We start processing orders within 24 hours after payment on business days. It may take a little longer at weekends or on holidays.

Q2: The order status says the order is fulfilled but how come I haven't received my plush yet?
A2: The automated chat system that tells you whether or not the order has been fulfilled just means that the parcel has been shipped, it does not mean the plush has arrived to its destination.

Q3: What does it mean when an order status is awaiting fulfillment?
A3: It means that your order status is in the processing time satge:

  • For in stock items, it usually takes 3-7 days for us to receive the items from the manufacturer and make ready for international shipping.
  • For pre-order items, it also depends on manufacturer's processing time. It may take many days or several months. We will always mark the estimated processing time on item page. If there is any change on manufacturer's side, we will email you at first time.