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Heaven Official's Blessing The King of Ghosts Hua Cheng Plush

Heaven Official's Blessing The King of Ghosts Hua Cheng Plush

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  • The official Ghosts King Hua Cheng plush: Hua Cheng is the cutest one of heaven official's blessing characters. This Hua Cheng plush combines with the manhua design of Heaven Official's Blessing, injecting soul into facial expressions and staying true to the original design. It is very delicate and detail-oriented; this San Lang plush doll also can change costumes.
  • Creative and cute San Lang plush: It is our constant companion; the soft plush hits the warmth of our hearts. High degrees of freedom and variety of play, can swing, can play, knead, and can pinch. It also can match your cute Xie Lian plush; let's play with Hua Cheng and Xie Lian together forever!
  • Brand name: MiniDoll

What components are included?

This plush toy set contains 11 components: A plush doll, coat, shirt, pants, belt, hand armor, boots, headdress, necklace, eye patch, and red line.

What bonus will come with this cute King Ghost Hua Cheng Plush?

  • The in-stock option will come with 4 bonuses: the red copybook *1, plush dice *1, gold image card *1 (23*26 cm/9.1*10.2 inches), and red paper umbrella *1.
  • For the pre-order option, it will come with only 1 bonus: a ring necklace.

Material and size

  • Materials: High-quality fabric+PP cotton.
  • Size: 20 cm/7.9 inches
  • Processing Time: For in-stock items, 3-7 days, then shipping. For pre-order items, three months, then shipping.

Don't forget Xie Lian.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jaime (Singapore, SG)
Purchase of Hua Cheng Plush Doll

Doll arrived in excellent condition with all the accessories neatly packed :) many thanks for the prompt delivery n having the doll arriving at the destination without any damage.

K. (Beaverton, US)
A Chance Encounter

Got my dolls, and they arrived in perfect condition within the expected shipping timeframe (25 days, west coast USA). I ordered both Hua Cheng and Xie Lian, and the box was HUGE, which thus validate the cost of shipping these authentic Minidolls. The Hua Cheng doll is loaded with extras - I didn’t realize I was going to be getting the paper umbrella, book, acrylic stand, and so much more. The quality of the dolls are excellent, very firm, stiff and heavy dolls, and the attention to detail to the outfits and accessories are immaculate. Well worth it, I am so happy with my dolls and they are the most adorable and intricate plushies I own. Highly recommend 42shops!

M.Tan (Bandung, ID)
Heaven Official's Blessing - Hua Cheng Minidoll 20cm plush

The goods has arrived in a perfect condition and completely. The doll's face and body was made in a good shape and the clothes has neatly seawn.

I'm so glad to find out that 42Shop successfuly made an order at the second batch pre-order so I managed to get all the extra gifts. Yeay! :D

Thank you so much for helping me ordering this doll for completing my collections. You made a great job and very reliable, 42Shops! ❤

V.M. (Bologna, IT)

The doll is perfect, and has arrived in the estimated time! The carrier wasn’t very gentle to the box, but thankfully the doll was very well packed and didn’t came damaged. Thank you! ❤️

Grace Smith (Houston, US)
It's cute BUT shipping not great.

I feel obligated to warn everyone that the shipping box and the actual product box inside were super crushed. Like, it was basically a triangle and I had to cut them both open to get the doll out. The Xie Lian one I ordered was also like that but a little more damaged (they came separately). I guess I was lucky that nothing inside was really damaged in either except the plastic sheet thing inside HuaHua's box (I flattened it between 2 heavy books). I had to throw the packaging away, so if you're worried about the product being damaged or you want the original packaging, I'd consider buy somewhere else.

On the other hand, the dolls are cute and they come with all the accessories. No directions on how to put them on, you kind of just have to look at photo on the box (which is difficult when the box is super crushed haha TT_TT). They come with a little card so you know they're official and they can stand up on their own if you position their little feet well. Super cute

1)We are so sorry that it brings you a bad shopping experience. We will ask our warehouse to pack the items with more thicker box from now on. We should give you some compensation, about the damaged shipping box and product box, could you please show us some pictures? --You can also send it to our email:
2)As the Xie Lian and Hua Cheng are a little large, so we usually will pack them separately. A long shipping time also will cause the items damaged, we have changed a quicker shipping method for our customers. We will try our best to avoid a similar situation happening again.
3) Thanks so much for your feedback, and we can know that we we still have a lot to improve.

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