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TGCF The King of Ghosts Hua Cheng Plush

TGCF The King of Ghosts Hua Cheng Plush

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  • This King Ghost Hua Cheng plush is a must-have for any true fan and is sure to be the centerpiece of any TGCF collection. With its intricately designed facial expressions and multi-colored embroidery, this plush brings the beloved character of Hua Cheng to life.
  • The plush also features Hua Cheng's signature, not the same color eyes, and a cute little red-beaded braid on top of his head, which complements the charming beauty bang on his forehead.
  • The Hua Cheng Plush comes complete with a variety of high-quality, real-life clothing options. Each outfit is tailored to perfection and crafted with precision using a range of fabrics, including a leather-printed waistband and a custom-made silver wristband. These accessories add a touch of luxury and glamour to the plush, making it a true work of art.
  • Not only is this plush incredibly well-designed, but it also offers endless hours of entertainment. Thanks to its soft, plush texture and high level of articulation, it can be posed in a variety of different ways. And with its interchangeable outfits, the Hua Cheng Plush can be dressed up or down to match any mood or occasion.
  • Brand name: MiniDoll

What components are included?

This Hua Cheng plush toy set contains 11 components: A plush doll, coat, shirt, pants, belt, hand armor, boots, headdress, necklace, eye patch, and red line.

What bonus will come with this cute King Ghost Hua Cheng Plush?

  • For the normal version option, it will come with only 1 bonus: a ring necklace.

Material and size

  • Materials: High-quality fabric+PP cotton.
  • Size: 20 cm/7.9 inches
  • Processing Time: It is a pre-order, 30 days, then shipping. 

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Unboxing Video of MDZS and TGCF Minidolls

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We are thrilled to have collaborated with Kictor, she is talented and knowledgeable influencer who is passionate about MXTX's novels characters, such as Xie Lian, Hua Cheng, Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and so on. Her expertise and enthusiasm truly shine through in this video, and we highly recommend checking out her channel for more content related to these beloved novels!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Mel (West Orange, US)
10/10 Best Decision

Absolutely so cute he never leaves my side. I love him like my own son

M.D. (Atlanta, US)

The doll came in pretty quickly (It only took 3 weeks/ East Coast of the US). I got the normal version (so no umbrella or die), but what he came with was awesome! His costume is detailed and beautiful! He has the tattoo on his arm, his eyes are different colors, and he has the red bead in his hair - the details are out of this world on him. His costume is also gorgeous and awesome! Also love the fact that he had the ash necklace on him as well <3

Jaime (Singapore, SG)
Purchase of Hua Cheng Plush Doll

Doll arrived in excellent condition with all the accessories neatly packed :) many thanks for the prompt delivery n having the doll arriving at the destination without any damage.

K. (Beaverton, US)
A Chance Encounter

Got my dolls, and they arrived in perfect condition within the expected shipping timeframe (25 days, west coast USA). I ordered both Hua Cheng and Xie Lian, and the box was HUGE, which thus validate the cost of shipping these authentic Minidolls. The Hua Cheng doll is loaded with extras - I didn’t realize I was going to be getting the paper umbrella, book, acrylic stand, and so much more. The quality of the dolls are excellent, very firm, stiff and heavy dolls, and the attention to detail to the outfits and accessories are immaculate. Well worth it, I am so happy with my dolls and they are the most adorable and intricate plushies I own. Highly recommend 42shops!

M.Tan (Bandung, ID)
Heaven Official's Blessing - Hua Cheng Minidoll 20cm plush

The goods has arrived in a perfect condition and completely. The doll's face and body was made in a good shape and the clothes has neatly seawn.

I'm so glad to find out that 42Shop successfuly made an order at the second batch pre-order so I managed to get all the extra gifts. Yeay! :D

Thank you so much for helping me ordering this doll for completing my collections. You made a great job and very reliable, 42Shops! ❤

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