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Changed Cute Tiger Shark Plush Toy
Alejandro Corona (San Carlos, US)

Adorable and love him next to my puro plush

The Cutest Mo Ran Ever!

The item is perfect! It arrived earlier than expected and is in excellent condition. The quality of the clothes is super detailed and it's pretty straightforward to put them on. I also really appreciate the additional gift given with the product. I'm eager to shop from 42shops again.

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Jesse L. (Roanoke, US)

The plush is very high quality and was delivered swiftly within about a weeks time. He soft, he plush, he stares into your soul, what more could you want. The customer service was also excellent, they even automatically switched my orders delivery service to a different one due to constant returns from the one I selected to help make things faster. Overall I highly recommend ordering this plushie.

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Dani (Zapopan, MX)
Puro is 100%

He cool!!1!1 and soft and h8s tail so fluffy and very huggable👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Jan Pasz (Brdo, CZ)
The best bean

Took Him long enought to get here, but when he did, He "Changed" me forever.
Love him to bits, I will protecc

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Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Vanilla (Curitiba, BR)
Really good quality, and HUGE!

He`s so fluffy, and the material is actually very good, other than that, i also received a keychain as a gift, which is pretty cool from 42shops!

Thank you for the amazing quality plushie, keychain and support thru these 2 months, i`ll def order the shark plush next!

Changed Puro Plush Squeaky Ball
PurzckaVulck205 (Lipa City, PH)
Mini puro plooosh

Overall a fantastic squeaky yet miniature version of Puro, well packaged and in very decent quality- Also a good small companion whenever the cause as well-

Changed Cute Tiger Shark Plush Toy
Joshua Berndt (Winnipeg, CA)
Big guy finally arrived!

Alright. So this fellow finally arrived after a long 29 buisness days. Bro is a lot bigger than I thought, but that ain't a bad thing. The hair is very soft, and he seems well stuffed, and seems to be high quality in general.
Along with the shark, I was sent a card and a shark keychain as gifts, which was very nice.
Overall the whole process was very smooth. The costumer service was exellent and quick.
My only gripe is that it set me back $77 CAD with the cheapest shipping option, which is a little pricey, but I feel like it was worth it for the quality. I will be looking forward to potentially purchasing the puro plush in the future.

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Jenan (Kat) (Jubail, SA)
Purchased for my partner; we both love it

Support was amazingly fast and super kind. Everything went smoothly! Took exactly 15 days to arrive. He absolutely loved it and im so glad. Such high quality and an amazing purchase! I will be soon to purchase from you again!

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
M.R. (Lollar, DE)
Puro plush and sweater

Ordered here before and would order again! 's wonderful to be able to buy these which was more difficult before! The quality is high and they are so lovely!

Mo Dao Zu Shi Wei Wuxian Plush Toy
wiwimarie (San Juan, PR)

such great quality. So cutE AND ADORABLE and it's fun dressing him. I love him! The package arrived safely and everything was intact. It has his own ID too. It was worth the wait and money. Thank you

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
TavisCreationBase (Oberteuringen, DE)
Adorable and beyond!

He‘s bigger than I imagined and perfect to hug with him.

The only thing that kinda bothers me is that the mask is not sewn correctly. On some places the mask is a bit bulgy, and then the mask is back to be perfectly fine.

But anyways, I totally do not regretting this purchase. Thank you 42shops!

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Pioupiou (Beautor, FR)
Puro plush

the Puro plush is very well made, I'm happy and he's very cute. very soft and fluffy my friend will be delighted. Excuse me for my English because I am French and I use a translation

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
CocoFlower (Dallas, US)
Cute Lil floof

The plush is very cute, I got the "I ♡ You" sweater for him too and it fits perfectly! I definitely recommend getting the Lil guy, he is very friend shaped

Changed Cute Puro Plush Toy
Christian Olney (Leeds, US)
Look at this cute fella

Shipped fast, and good quality.


The doll came in pretty quickly (It only took 3 weeks/ East Coast of the US). I got the normal version (so no umbrella or die), but what he came with was awesome! His costume is detailed and beautiful! He has the tattoo on his arm, his eyes are different colors, and he has the red bead in his hair - the details are out of this world on him. His costume is also gorgeous and awesome! Also love the fact that he had the ash necklace on him as well <3

So Cute!

The box came in fine and I got him within a month (a lot quicker than I thought). The details on the little fella is fantastic! He has an inner and outer robe, the blue belt, and he has Rouye! I tied Rouye around his arm / don't got a pic of it right now. Also, the necklace came from the Hua Cheng set/ did not come from his box (that concept is so adorable yall).

Cute dolls! <3 Ranwan

Authentic, well-made Omodoki dolls. The quality can be seen in the meticulous attention to detail in their outfits. The outfits are made from different textured fabrics - cotton, chiffon, and there are multiple layers to give the billowing effect. TXJ’s outfit has a golden dragon glitter design, while CWN’s has some sort of blue floral pattern printed on it. The belts have leather components and are inlaid with alloy and gems. I can’t get over their head pieces: CWN has a silver alloy crown while TXJ has his emperor’s headpiece with swaying golden beads. The ears are also detachable.

Shipping: I chose the 10-15 day shipping option. Ordered 1/26, items were shipped 2/6 and they were shipped from China to West Coast, USA in 12 days. No problem with items on arrival, boxes were well packaged, and the dolls made it safely to their forever home.


The doll arrived perfectly and it came with Aomori really nice extras. I will definitely be ordering from this shop again.

Changed Puro Plush Squeaky Ball
Anonymous (Acapulco de Juárez, MX)
Puro Tiny

It's so soft I love it I highly recommend it this stuffed animal looks so cute and thank you DragonSnow for creating Puro I love it

Changed Cute Tiger Shark Plush Toy
Lê lương ngọc quý (Ho Chi Minh City, VN)
After a worth 4 months of waiting, Jesus Christ-

After all of those waiting, the Tiger Shark plushie has finally arrives! This little cutie are really cute and soft, i really like and appreciate about their also a sweater and little accessories for this! Thanks you so much for this Tiger Shark plushie ^^

Excellent quality and super soft

This is my first purchase from 42shops and I was very surprised of the quality of this plush. It's absolutely massive and makes a great pillow. Will definitely be buying more of these in the future!

Update: Loved this plush so much I bought two more :0)

Changed Cute Tiger Shark Plush Toy
Taper Lmao (Junction City, US)
He's so cute

I got him in January on the 19th or so, and he arrived on the 11th of February. He took quite a bit but it was worth the wait!! He's really cute!


The box arrived in good condition and very quickly. The content is also in perfect condition. I'm very happy.

Changed Cute Tiger Shark Plush Toy
ANGPAO TH (Phitsanulok, TH)

Thank you i like this plushies but Delivery to thailand 2 month;-;