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MDZS Figurine Background

MDZS Figurine Background

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  • To create a beautiful environment atmosphere for the MDZS characters(Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji) in the animation, reflecting people with scenery, people and scenery blend.
  • The first room quiet orchid fragrance scene, a quiet apartment with orchids exhaling fragrance, describing the owner as noble and elegant not vulgar.
  • In the second raccoon flower herb hall scene, the arrangement is simple and elegant, the peach blossom forest is quiet and beautiful, and the game case reflects the owner's leisure and relaxation.
  • The third Xuan window ink rhyme scene, the decorative beauty of the window pane carving, and the antique beauty of the system express the ideal realm of hoping to realize "living and traveling".
  • Brand Name: Qing Cang

What components are included?

  • Room quiet orchid fragrance combination model includes:
    • Room quiet orchid fragrance A - left: Display box A, bright moon dangling tea set, collection of rhyme room deprivation, spike pattern futon, south Xuan dwarf pine, red jangling sunset lamp.
    • Room quiet orchid fragrance B - right: Display box B, four treasures, huanghuali bookcase, spike pattern futon, sunken gold wing stove, red jade lamp.
  • Raccoon flower herb hall Combination includes:
    • Raccoon flower herb hall A-Left: Display box A, crabmeat cage, spring, and autumn lacquer casket, indigo sand tea set, pear wood square cushion, red scarlet palace lamp.
    • Raccoon flower herb hall B-right: Display box B, Xianji game case, rhyming room, southern pine, pearwood cushion.
  • Xuan window ink rhyme Combination includes:
    • Xuan window ink rhyme A-Left: Display box A, a mountain moon lute table, an ancient lute with beams, a rhyming room, a spike pattern futon, a sunken gold wing stove, a floating light jade lamp.
    • Xuan window ink rhyme B-right: Display box B, yellow wood scroll, ancient painting in the clouds and mountains, Xuantian purple sand tea set, long case, spike pattern futon, floating light jade lamp.

Material and size

  • Materials: Acrylic+PVC+ABS.
  • Size: Combination: 31*15.5*15.5 cm/ 12.2*6.1*6.1 inches, Single: 15.5*15.5*15.5 cm/ 6.1*6.1*6.1 inches.
  • Processing Time:  3-7 days, then shipping. 
  • Product code: TOY-ACC-183
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