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Changed Cute Acrylic Keychain Pendants

Changed Cute Acrylic Keychain Pendants

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  • DragonSnow's team designed these perfect and cute acrylic keychain pendants to reward the fans' love for the game Changed.
  • Puro, Shark, Colin, K, and Squid dog are the main characters from the game Changed,  they are very popular with Transfur and Furry fandom.
  • They're the right size, lightweight, and great for decorating backpacks and giving them to friends. 
  • The price of 10.99 USD is only for one pendant, you can choose the option of Full set if you want to get the five pendants.
  • Materials: Acrylic
  • Size: 7*14 cm/2.8*5.5 inches
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Vulpes (Hillerød, DK)
Wonderful Acrylics

I really like these acrylics.
They arrived fast and in perfect condition and they are super adorable.

Anonymous (Moussan, FR)
Cute Puro pendant !

No flaws on the acrylic It's not damaged and He is super cute :)

C.B. (Kings Mountain, US)
What happened?

I recieved the Dr.K avatar instead of the shark avatar I ordered, is there a way I could refund it/send it back for the shark one?

Hi, we have checked your order and found that you have chosen the option: K. But no worry about it, we have created a new order of shark chain and will ship it to you for free this morning. We will update the tracking number for you on your new order this afternoon, please have a patient wait. Thanks. :)

Caden Barr (Kings Mountain, US)
What happened?

I ordered the shark chain, but I got Dr.K, is there a way I can send it back?

Hi, we have shipped a new one for you and the tracking number is LW250240401CN. Have you received it?

c.l. (Alès, FR)
very nice

really good! they arrived with a large protection in france, but I regret having removed the small protective film and I saw no flaws on the acrylic

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