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We are willing to wait for our desired toys, no matter how long we have to wait

Today I read a journal written by a friend who said:

My son received a package and found out that he bought it a year ago and just received it today. When I asked him what it was, he said it was a Garage Kit he bought on bilibili.com. Several times when he has shopped on Bilibili, he has to pay a deposit or full payment in advance and waited for delivery, while the waiting time is more than six months and sometimes even longer than one year.

I asked him why he was so patient. He said you have to be patient when buying toys on Bilibili, you pay the money and then you need to wait patiently. If you can't wait, then don't buy. My son said that the toys he likes are worth buying no matter how much money they cost and worth waiting for no matter how much time it takes.

Perhaps this is the attitude of the new generation of young people to their favorite things. We were all young and dedicated our time and money to what we loved. However, time can erase our enthusiasm and make us lose our patience. Nowadays we shop online and most times we just hope that we will place an order tonight and the courier can deliver the package to my door in tomorrow morning.

Our customers are also waiting patiently for their favorite toys

We are very fortunate. When we ran the 42Shops store, many of our customers were very patient. They would sometimes wait for months to be notified that their pre-ordered product was restocked. Then, they would wait another 1-2 months or longer to receive their package from us.

5-star reviews from customers for 42Shops

When these customers received their packages, they wrote us an email telling us how much they like the plushies. We are especially touched by these words. We are so lucky to have these patient customers. Even though Amazon continues to increase its delivery speed, people shopping online are still gradually losing their patience. We are very curious that so many adults are losing their patience as the years go by. And our 42Shops customers, how do they keep their patience? Patience is a very valuable quality.

We don't know the exact reason, we can only guess. Because these toys are something that our customers love. Like my friend's son said, it's worth whatever it costs and whatever time it takes to wait for something you love.

My experience buying toys on Bilibili

I have also bought toys in Bilibili, and I should say that I have bought a lot of toys from Bilibili. Because Bilibili has licensed many famous IPs, such as Mo Dao Zu Shi, Heaven Official's BlessingScum Villains Self Saving System , The Husky and His White Cat Shizun 
etc. Bilibili has partnerships with IP brands such as Tencent Caochangdi, so they have a very extensive product line. I've read those novels, watched the anime, and bought many related toys, postcards, etc. I love those stories.

Bilibili Shopping

Shopping from Bilibili just takes a long time to wait and has very complicated rules. For example, they will open orders at a specified time and only take a deposit. You have to submit your order within this time frame or you won't be able to place your order if you miss the deposit time. After waiting for 3-6 months, you will receive an email or SMS notification that you can pay the balance payment. After paying the balance payment, you may still need to wait for a while before the seller ships your order.

What if I miss the deposit or balance payment from Bilibili? I go back to Xianyu (China's largest online second-hand e-commerce marketplace) to find the product I want. Sometimes I may have to pay a higher amount to get it.

After placing an order with Bilibili, I went back every week or two to refresh the status of my order, hoping to see new progress. The waiting process is very hard, but it's worth it. Because the process is full of anticipation and hope.

What about you? What or who are you willing to wait patiently for? Feel free to leave us a comment, we are looking forward to hearing your story.

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