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What praises can't I sing about your reviews?

We love your reviews, and every comment gives us the motivation to provide better products and services. First thing every morning when I wake up, I log into Gmail to check your reviews and this morning I read a message that touched my heart.

What praises can’t I sing about this little guy? Puro is an adorable little precious bean, and the fact that I can cuddle him (which I have every night since I got him) like the good boi he is (and still ‘probably’ remain human every time) is about all I needed in my life.

On average, I’ll listen to 100 songs to find one I like, and then for days on end, I’ll play that song on a loop. I add it to my list of favorites and listen to it whenever I can. How hard is it to find something you love? Very difficult. However, all the hard work turns into a strong love in the end.

The reviews from our clients give me so much motivation and inspiration that I feel like I’m at a concert. I am not the main character, our clients are the main character. It’s like a free, heated discussion in an ancient Greek square, and I love to listen.

We feel your joy from the review

I would like to share with you another message I received this morning.

Got my dolls, and they arrived in perfect condition within the expected shipping timeframe (25 days, west coast USA). I ordered both Hua Cheng and Xie Lian, and the box was HUGE, which thus validate the cost of shipping these authentic Minidolls. The quality of the dolls are excellent, very firm, stiff and heavy dolls, and the attention to detail to the outfits and accessories are Xie Lian’s doll doesn’t come with as much accessories as Hua Cheng’s, but his doll is beautiful and I just love his little smile and the permanent smile on it. I am so happy with my dolls and they are the most adorable and intricate plushies I own. highly recommend 42shops!

I noticed the word smile a few times in this review and I can imagine the joy of this customer. I often have those moments when I finally receive my favorite stuffed animal after a long wait. All day long, I hum a little tune of joy.

We are nothing without your trust and support

We are a very small store, how big the Internet is, how small we are. We don't rely on big platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay or Esty, we are who we are. The only thing we can rely on is your trust and support. It is very difficult to build and gain trust, but very easy to break it. It takes months or even years to build trust; it takes seconds to break it. Therefore, we guard your trust carefully.

How do we do it? That's by thinking differently. We always insist on thinking differently and putting ourselves in the position of the consumer. We provide the products and services that we want. We don't want to be deceived, so we will never deceive others. We don't want to spend money and get poor quality products, so we select products that are reasonably priced and of high quality.

Your review warms our hearts

Your reviews warm our lives like the poetry of a bard. I often ponder what the meaning of life is. Everything is fleeting, and we cannot see the beginning or the end of time. We are born free and we are born not free.

When I was young, I often asked myself, what traces do I want to leave in this world? As I grew older, I knew there was little I could do to leave a mark on the world. I would ask myself, “What is a trace?” Is a trace something eternal and indestructible? I have come to realize that there is nothing eternal in this world. From the earth to the sun to the galaxy, all have an end.

I think it’s great if you are young and think about these questions too. You will find the answers. No one will tell you what the answers are, and you can never find them from the outside world. My answer is: a moment of joy is a trace.

Thank you for your reviews, these just words warm our lives. We will continue to work hard to provide you with first-class products and services, and we are always on the way to become better. :)

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