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Everything about Changed game and Puro

We sell a lot of Changed game peripherals, including the most loved Puro plush toy. To better give back to the game players, we’re collecting everything about Changed game and Puro on this page. If we’ve missed anything, please write us an email or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

About Changed game

Changed is a difficult, action puzzle game with a lot of chase. The protagonist of the game awakened in a strange room and came to an unfamiliar laboratory building. In the adventure, he will encounter all kinds of unknown creatures, each of which can easily “plunder” his body. He can only make constant explorations and try to walk out of this dangerous building.

In this deserted world, who is secretly guiding him to go out? Why is he trapped here? What happened to the outside world? All kinds of mysteries are intricate and the truth will slowly emerge from the interaction and exploration. Of course, be careful not to get lost in this building… - Game Synopsis from Steam

Changed was released on steam on April 5, 2018. On May 26, 2018, the game sold over 10,000 copies.

Changed details

  • Genre: Indie game, RPG
  • Game duration: about 6 hours
  • Game difficulty: Difficult, suitable for players who are good at watching and daring to try.
  • Game Rating: Over 8,000 reviews on Steam, with Very Positive reviews
  • Game features: The protagonist can only use simple movements and sprints because he is the prey of all creatures. Japanese fusion RPG and I WANNA games.
  • Game tips: Understand the characteristics of creatures in one failure to escape them.
  • Game ending: Multi-line outcomes, triggering different outcome lines based on interactions and investigations.
  • Download: Changed on Steam
  • System requirements: Windows
  • Game Price: $5.99
    • Changed OST (optional): $1.99 (OST - Original Sound Tape)
    • Game + OST (optional): $6.38
  • Game Developer: DragonSnow (Chinese: 兽屋之龙)
  • Music Producer: Shizi (Chinese: 噬子)
  • Game Update: DragonSnow is developing Changed-special version, not yet officially released.
  • Game Engine: RPG Maker VX
  • Game vidoe: Changed trailer (December 2019)

The difference between Changed and other Transfur games

Changed games have a lot of Transfur and Furry elements, but there is no violence, gore, pornography, or even character death - only transformation (or tf for short). DragonSnow has incorporated his own ideas into the game, and he believes that furry is not the same as R18.


Because the initial release was too difficult, DragonSnow has added an easy mode - less difficult but you can’t experience the full plot.

Changed characters

There are 3 main characters in total, which are

  • Colin / Lin
  • Puro
  • Dr. K

Colin / Lin

Changed Colin

Colin is the protagonist of the game and a player-controllable character, Colin is one of a group of involuntary experimental subjects who wakes up after five years of slumber in the laboratory due to an electrical failure. He must keep exploring to escape from this crisis-ridden experimental facility. Because he has been locked up in the laboratory for too long, Colin’s body is very thin and weak. Since Colin only has the ability to run, he is easily possessed by other gelatinous beasts, TransFur, and then GAME OVER.


Puro is a dark latex wolf creature, capable of speech and helps the protagonist throughout the game. Puro was originally a “failed sample” in a batch of experimental samples, and escaped from the laboratory to other parties in the laboratory in an accident. Unlike other latex wolf-like creature, Puro has human intelligence through learning, has been reading before Colin met him, and has learned human language. Puro has its own thinking, reason and emotion, in the game often give the protagonist help, is a very important role.

Dr. K

Dr. K is a researcher in the institute, originally a human he survived a riot, left alone in the laboratory to continue his research, and used a special potion sample to turn himself into a white wolf.

Changed Special

Changed game special version

Image from DragonSnow's Patreon page.

DragonSnow describes the Changed-special version update on the Patreon:

For those of you who already own Changed, you can already experience the “Pre-launch version of Changed-special” for free on Steam. This brand new version has many new updates, new photos, new storylines, new enemies, new animations… and much more!

From the beginning of 2020 until now, DragonSnow has been working on Changed Special updates and creations. However, because the game update and creation is a big project, and his health is not very good, sometimes he needs to go to the hospital for examination or some minor surgery, so the development progress of the new version is slow. At the same time, the doctor also told DragonSnow not to work too hard, and advised him to keep some rest, so players can only continue to wait for the final release of Changed Special.

Questions and answers about Changed Special

Q: Why do you want to update the special version separately, instead of directly on top of the original game?

DragonSnow: I made a lot of changes to the original version, especially in the plot, which some players may not be able to accept, so I wanted to keep the original version for those who like it, so I made the special version independent.

Q: Do I need to pay separately for this Changed Special version?

No, subsequent updates to this version are completely free - provided you already own the original Changed game.

Q: How do I get Changed Special?

All purchasers of the original Changed game will receive a free Changed-special edition. Just search for Changed-special in the Steam game library toolbar and install it. Please note that Changed-special is included as a “tool” and does not appear in the “Games” library. This version is currently under development and is only available as a trial version, the full version will be updated later for free.

Q: How can I find out about the progress of the Special version in advance?

The Special version can be considered as a remake of Changed’s original game, DragonSnow has improved and reworked a lot of aspects of the original story, graphics, game mechanics, etc., and added many new levels and creatures, illustrations, photos and animations. The Special Edition is still being updated, so players who wish to experience it in its entirety can wait until the update is complete.

About DragonSnow, the developer of Changed game

DragonSnow has developed Changed games independently, his birthday is January 14th.

You can get in touch with DragonSnow, the developer of Changed games, at the following address:

DragonSnow’s new game - Silenced

DragonSnow posted on Weibo on July 7, 2019:

New adventure game: Silenced (Silent Adventure) trailer released! Silenced is a game developed independently by me and released as early as next year!

Game synopsis from Steam:

Travel through kingdoms destroyed by “monsters” and use wisdom to defeat tide-like enemies But can ordinary people really do it? Does the unsung adventure really make sense? In any case, this silent adventure of the road to death has quietly begun …

DragonSnow posted videos of the Silenced game on YouTube:

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