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Dad, I don't want to dream about dangerous animals

Recently, my daughter always says to me before she goes to bed at night: Dad, I don't want to dream about dangerous animals. At first, she just explained this phrase. Then, gradually she fleshed out this description. She would say.

Daddy, I don't want to dream about snakes.
Daddy, I don't want to dream about tigers.
Daddy, you don't want the lion to come into my dream.
Daddy, don't let the monsters in the book come into my dream.

The list is so long that sometimes she takes more than 10 minutes to give me detailed instructions on which animals are not allowed in her dreams. Of course, I would say yes to all of them. I told her that I would ask the animal control officer to keep an eye on the animals and keep them out of the children's dreams.

After hearing my promise, my daughter would turn her head and go to sleep. If she was still awake after a while, she would recount the long list to me again. My daughter was very careful to list all the dangerous animals she could think of, but she neglected to mention the important fact that she was sleeping with a small bear close to her.

Bear Stuffed Animals
The bear was adorable, a cuddly stuffed animal that Livheart generates and manufactures. Wherever my daughter goes, she takes this bear with her. She puts on his diapers, gives him milk, and reads him stories. When she goes to bed, she also cuddles with this little stuffed bear.

Cute plush toys soothe the hearts of children

My daughter loves this stuffed bear so much that she gets into many arguments over it. The biggest argument came from her sister. My youngest daughter is only 1.5 years old and she often goes to hug her sister's stuffed bear. This will no doubt lead to war.

So I bought the same stuffed bear for my younger daughter. But unfortunately, there are some subtle differences between the two stuffed bears. My daughter was able to tell the difference at a glance, but it took me a long time to figure it out. That is the corners of the two bears' mouths, one with black lines and the other with white. I had to marvel at the amazing powers of observation that children have.

My daughter says before she goes to bed, don't let dangerous animals into her dreams. Sometimes she'll say incidentally, but it's okay to go in Daddy's and sister's dreams. I don't know why I am so unpopular. It's not like I robbed her of her stuffed bear. :)

Plush toys located on the white list

As my daughter's list of dangerous animals grew longer and longer, so did her nightly bedtime narrations to me. So I came up with a great idea. I told her that I would buy her lots of tickets and she would give one to whoever she wanted to enter her dreams. The animal who did not get a ticket would never be able to enter her dream.

Tickets to dream

If my daughter's list of negatives was 20+ items long (and she would repeat the list over and over), the white list whittled that list down to 4 in the blink of an eye. She gave tickets to 4 people: herself, her mom, her favorite stuffed bear, and another cloud stuffed animal (she called it a cloud baby).

I was very happy. If you too have a timid and cautious child and she is timid about having dangerous animals run into her dreams every night before bed, you can try this method of mine. It's guaranteed to work. :)

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